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How might I challenge the archetype of a kettle bell?

Over time, the archetypes for many objects have become universal to the extent that they are essentially invisible. While studying common archetypes, I discovered the Anglepoise Lamp by George Carwardine. This lamp stuck out because of its functionality, user engagement, and versatile shape. Utilizing knowledge from the Anglepoise lamp, I set out to create my own archetype for an object.


The traditional kettlebell is utilitarian in nature and has a multitude of uses. The Swan is an at-home luxury kettlebell for single-arm movements. Pushing form versus function, the goal is to upgrade the experience, narrative, and aesthetics surrounding the kettlebell.

200111 Woman 1.png
200221 Swan Sketches landscape.jpg
200221 Swan sketches interations.png
200221 Swan sketches interations.png
200221 Swan Diagram.png
200120 Man 4.png
200107 Man 1.png
200107 Man 2.png
200107 Up Close 1.jpg
200107 Swan Update.67.jpg
200108 Swan Update2.70.jpg
200107 Man 3.jpg
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