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The Black Race 360°

Virtual tours of the facilities and events

Welcome to the Aquatic Center at The Black Race! The events start with the enslaved Africans journey and the middle passage through the design of the ship haul. The "See-Saw" starting block denies one's start just as Jim Crow laws did not allow for African Americans to go to the pool. Some lanes are raised to splash pad levels which harken to the 1960s when pools were built in predominantly Black communities but did not allow for people to learn how to swim. The Platform is where I am addressing the stereotype that "Black people can't swim".    

The Dining Hall at the Athlete Village is a response to the economic disenfranchisement of predominantly African American communities in America has led to the lack of access of essential community services. This is oppression through nutrition. I wanted to step away from the sporting events to paint a larger picture of these games and get into the health concerns around the African American community. The Athlete Village was a way for me to discuss these issues. Through research, It was apparent that Black and Brown communities suffer at a higher rate nutritionally and physically compared to traditional white affluent communities. 

Welcome to the Track and Field Stadium! Here I dive into the Great Dismal Swamp which harbored slaves for years. The Hurdles are designed to discuss the financial barriers that the African American community faces. The track is elevated in certain areas to discuss how much further, faster, and higher the African American has to go in America to get half the recognition. The Starting Block is in a fixed position and angle to discuss how African Americas are stereotyped in traditionally white spaces and fix in that narrative.

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