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Attic remodel

The premise of the studio was to gain a deeper knowledge of a more practical design problem. With this, I was given an attic from a house in Minneapolis in which I was tasked with creating a new space for a client. The client was a family of five who had three teenage girls who wanted a hangout space and the parents wanted a transition space for when they leave for college.


Through sections and details I created a space that serves both the parents an children's needs. The concept comes from inspiration of shapes and letters. The sweeping motion of the “L” serves as the conceptual reasoning behind the design moves such as the wet-bar/ kitchenette and the arrangement of furniture.

180510 WaterColor Exterior.jpg
180505 Exploded Essence Diagram.png
180517 Site_WaterColor_IG.jpg
180207 Essence Image.jpg
180207 Schematic images3.jpg
180207 Schematic images1.jpg
180207 Schematic images2.jpg
180228 Diagonal Section 1.jpg
180228 Right Interior Elevation.jpg
180227 Wall Section Kitchenette.jpg
180228 Bedroom Elevation.jpg
180228 Wet Bar Rendering.jpg
180227 3D Window_Wall Section.jpg
180228 Floor Plan Color axon2.jpg
180510 View 2.jpg
180510 View 3.jpg
180506 Med_2.jpg
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