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Aging in place 
How to improve community health through design?
Prospect Park, Minneapolis, MN

In our group, we dove into the problems that arose in the community of Prospect Park. The community has felt a lost connection to the river and the other half of the neighborhood which is divided by a highway. Others in the community expressed concern about being connected to amenities in the area and how to get to these spaces.  Through meetings with city leaders and extensive research, we came to the conclusion that senior mobility and aging in place is a major issue. Thus, we designed a route that supports aging in place and addresses accessibility issues in the community. This route tackles senior mobility through design elements such as custom handrails, non-slip pavement, and a new pedestrian bridge.

171224 Sunset render_1_Square.jpg
181211 emmas maps.png
Tower Hill Section Cut Render.jpg
Prospect Park Diagram_Buildings.png
Anchor Buildings
Prospect Park Diagram_Public Transportat
Prospect Park Diagram_Ecology.png
Bridge Sketches copy.jpg
Doty_Pedestrian Bridge_CROPED.jpg
171220 Close render.jpg
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