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A conversation on socially distanced fashion

How might we employ a wearable device in order to reinforce social distancing at 6 feet per the CDC recommendation? [1]

Superheroes are seen as figures who protect others and whom they love. The idea of a cape creates a quick deployable wearable for temporary situations giving you the proper amount to social distance with six feet length of cape.

The accompanying mask pairs with the cape to continue the “superhero” motif but more importantly, stop larger COVID-19 particles from harming oneself and others

*2020 University of Illinois at Chicago Graduate Image of Research Winner

200502 Cape_Mask18.jpg
200428 Iteration 9_5.png
200428 Iteration 8_4.png
200428 Iteration 8_3.png
200422 Iteration 9.png
200422 Iteration 8.png
200428 Iteration 10_1.png
200428 Iteration 9_2.png
200422 Iteration 7.png
200422 Iteration 5.png
200420 Cape Sketches 3.png
200420 Cape Sketches 2.png
200428 Iteration 9_3.png
200420 Cape Sketches 4.png
200422 Iteration 10.png
200422 Iteration 3.png
scale model tests
200502 Valkyrie10.jpg
200502 Valkyrie07.jpg
200502 Valkyrie15.jpg
200502 In Progress03.jpg
200502 In Progress04.jpg
200502 Valkyrie20.jpg
Mask annotated.jpg
200503 Final Sketch.png
final concept: 6cape
200502 Cape_Mask01_w_SKETCHES.jpg
200502 Cape_Mask16.jpg
200502 Cape_Mask14_w_SKETCHES.jpg
Social Distance Nat GIF.gif
200502 Cape_Mask03.jpg
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